Service Level Agreement Example Ict

Because ALS plays such an important role in managing service delivery, it is important that the client fully understands the metrics, requirements, obligations and terminology of the document. Gert Cronj`e, regionalchief of Business Connexion am Ostkap, adds: “ALS is essential. This is the regulatory framework to which the service provider is bound and may also include punitive clauses that apply if the agreed standards for service delivery are not met. A service level contract defines the levels of service you guarantee. This goes beyond the clauses in the “standard” contracts, which at most define the phrase “We strive to keep the service online.” He says the choice of service provider will also play a crucial role in ensuring that all ASA requirements are met accurately. It draws attention to recent research from THE IMC-TechKnowledge. The It Market Sizing and Forecast 2005-2010 report by the Organisation for Market Intelligence confirms Business Connection`s position as The leading technology services provider in South Africa. Will Heygate, Regional Managing Director of Business Connect, adds that a degree of flexibility within ALS will ensure that customers` needs are always met, even if they change. It is therefore recommended that you clearly define what you will do under the agreement in a service level contract (`SLA`).

You can offer ALS to your client as a separate contract or as part of the offer. The percentage of time available for services. The number of users that are used simultaneously. Specific performance benchmarks that compare actual performance. The pre-notification schedule for network changes, repairs or maintenance that may affect users. Helpdesk response time for different types of problems or queries. “average repair time” for certain infrastructure or service elements. Use statistics. In certain circumstances, we put a watch on hold, for example, if we expect a response from you with more information or permission for work that may have a temporary impact on you or your business. “Managing an organization with proven skills in itself provides a degree of certainty that ICT-managed services are delivered in a way that benefits the company,” he concludes.