“Great visual art allows you at least four sensory pleasures; you can see, feel, taste or smell images that give life to ideas and bring the imagination to life” – R.S. Joseph.

I am Raul S Joseph a professional Photographer, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, an artist who works to bring your ideas and creative visions to life. With over eleven years experience in advertising I also understand the importance of on time delivery and target markets.
My goal is to both produce your ideas and guide them to get the greatest effect and acceptance with your desired audience.

Raul Joseph

Interdisciplinary artist with 11+ years of experience in graphic design, photography & publishing. Highly motivated, innovative, and versatile, especially skilled in creating and directing corporate and new business design. Adept at generating a new relationship, that will cater to the needs of the client, while standing true to design’s evolution and function. Exceptional interpersonal skills with team members, ethically aware of the psychology of advertising and its role in modern society, keen understanding of the desires of the clientele.

Skill Sets

Graphic Design
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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Indesign